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TV Show King Answers

These answers are from the PS3 version of TV Show King questions, and may help in other versions.  This list is not complete, but contains 714 answers to the questions.  They are listed in alphabetical order, I hope this helps.  I have finally finished the game and have received the trophy after multiple failures.

You can also do a Ctrl + F to find the answer you are looking for.  This is not a complete list but it is sorted in alphabetic order.

"life is but a" what in a song "row, row your boat"? dream
a carat is a unit of weight approximately equal to how many milligrams? 200
a fiscal year is exactly how long? 12 months
a mink is classified as which of these? mammal
a skateboard generally has how many wheels? four
a strange hook-shaped fish that lives in warm water is known as what? - sea horse
about how many cells does an adult human body have? - 100 trillion
according to legend how did achilles die? heel wound
alexei kovalev plays what sport? ice hockey
alyssa milano starred on what show as phoebe halliwell? charmed
an ingredient in many cosmetics, natural lanolin is extracted from what? - sheep fleece
as of december 2006, how many men have walked on the moon? - 12
at 20,320 ft., what is the highest mountain in north america? - mt. mckinley
at what age did jack nicklaus win his first national golf title? 17
at what age did tiger woods became the youngest "masters champion"? 21
at which theatre did kevin bacon study acting? - manning st. actor's theatre
before 2007, the "pga players championship" had always been held in which month? - march
between 2000 and 2005 jennifer aniston was married to what actor? brad pitt
blush is a type of makeup used to emphasize what facial features? cheekbones
by what name is edson arantes do nascimento better-known? - pele
by what name is glamour model katie price also known? jordan
christina aguilera's father is from what country? ecuador
complete the group title: the... tops? the four tops
complete the title of the 2008 hit by sam sparro: black and...? gold
complete the title of the hit by dexy's midnight runners come on…? eileen
complete the title of the hit by elvis presley blue suede ...? shoes
complete the title of this 1991 oscar winning film: silence of the...? lambs
complete the title of this 2007 film: ocean's...? thirteen
complete this 1953 film title: abbott and costello meet...? dr jekyll & mr hyde
courteney cox from friends is married to which star? david arquette
denzel washington played "easy rawlins" in what 1995 film? - devil in a blue dress
dr robert oppenheimer is known as the father of what? atom bomb
during which geologic period was the alpine orogeny? tertiary
fall out boy was formed in a suburb of which major city? chicago
for what "nba" team did jerry sloan become head coach in 1988? - "utah jazz"
for which film did daniel day-lewis win a best actor oscar? my left foot
from what animal's milk is gorgonzola cheese made from? cow
gwyneth paltrow named her daughter born in 2004 after which fruit? apple
how are oasis band members noel and liam gallagher related? they are brothers
how deep are the end zones in the canadian football league? 20 yards
how did cleopatra test her poisons? gave to slaves
how did marie antoinette die? beheaded
how do acids normally taste? - sour
how do you write 50,000 centimeters in kilometers? - 0.5km
how far back can "wolverine" remembers in the "x-men" movies? - fifteen years
how long is the suez canal? - 103 miles
how long is the u.s.-canadian border? 8,891 km
how long will the average housefly live? - one month
how many american boxes won gold medals at the "1976 summer olympics"? five
how many attempts did it take mi hyun kim to qualify for the "lpga"? 1
how many bones are in a giraffe's neck? - 7
how many colored squares are on a rubik's cube? 54
how many events are typically held during a men's gymnastics meet? - 6
how many eyes does a bee have? 5
how many holes do golfers play in a regulation game of golf? eighteen
how many legs does an ant have? 6
how many major professional championship tiger woods won by the age of 25? six
how many mascots were there for the "2004 athens summer olympics"? two
how many members of "u2" were actually born in ireland? - 2
how many minutes are in a game of football at the olympics? 90
how many minutes are in a game of soccer at the olympics? 90
how many olympic medals did sebastian coe win? 4
how many pleats are in a traditional chef's hat? 100
how many points are scored for a touchdown in american football? six
how many rookies were on the official entry list for the 2007 indianapolis 500 one
how many sides does a snowflake have? six sides
how many stages of sleep are there? 5
how many times has ian beale of the soap eastenders been married? 4
how many yards are in 1/10 of a mile? 176 yards
how many years are in a decade? - 10 years
how much time has elapsed between 3:42am & 7:35pm? 15 hours 53 minutes
how much time has elapsed between 8:30 am and 2:00 pm? 5 hours and 30 minutes
how often are the summer olympic games held? every four years
how often does a leap year happen? every 4 years
how old was gary player when he won his last major golf championship? 43
in "corpse bride", "maudeline everglot" is voiced by what actor? - joanna lumley
in "happy feet", who is the penguin who can't sing? - "mumble"
in "lord of the rings", who was the father of "legolas"? - thranduil
in "the chronicles of narnia", what was the name of the lion? - aslan
in "the x-files", who is scully and mulder's supervisor? - skinner
in 1908, tea bags were invented in which country? - usa
in 2003, tony blair was given what award by the united states congress? congressional gold medal
in 2004, tennis player roger federer was given which humorous award? - golden begal award
in a typical game of american pool the 8-ball is what colour? black
in ancient rome, how many people could the colosseum hold? - 50,000
in botany which is these is actually classified as a berry? grape
in caribbean fashion, what is a guayabera? shirt
in rowing which of these is the crew member who steers the boat? cox
in series 4 of the apprentice which candidate was fired for being too zany? lucinda ledgerwood
in the 1992 film beethoven what kind of animal is beethoven? dog
in the 2005 film "doogal", what guards the booby-trapped temple? - ninja skeleton warriors
in the action film "elektra", who played "mark miller"? goran visnjic
in the band green day who is the lead singer? billie joe armstrong.
in the film lord of the rings frodo and bilbo are what type of creatures? hobbits
in the heroes episode the hard part what did gabriel gray give his mother? snowglobe from texas
in the lassie films what type of animal was lassie? dog
in the movie "ice age 2: the meltdown" which character gets bitten by a piranah? - scrat
in the movie "the net", what name was sandra bullock's character forced to take? - ruth marx
in the remake of "workin for a livin'", when is the raise supposed to be? - next week
in the sport of football the person who blocks the goal is called what? keeper
in the star wars movies what is a jedi's weapon? a lightsaber
in the tv show the simpsons who shot mr. burns? maggie
in the video game world earthworm jim wears what kind of costume? spacesuit
in the x-files who is scully and mulder's supervisor? skinner
in what 1977 film did harrison ford play han solo? star wars
in what 1989 film did robin wiliams star as john keating? dead poets society
in what city does the spinoff of csi: crime scene investigation that premiered in 2004 take place? new york city
in what country does club bolivar play home football matches? bolivia
in what month was the 13th day of 2008? january
in what sport are you encouraged to "sweep"? curling
in what state did the sioux uprising of 1862 take place? - minnesota
in what u.s. tv series did calista flockhart play a lawyer? ally mcbeal
in what year did magic johnson play on the "olympic dream team"? - 1992
in what year did tiger woods become a professional golfer? 1996
in what year was edgar allan poe's poem "the raven" published? 1845
in which 1990 u.s. comedy does gerard depardieu play georges faure? green card
in which australian city did the "2000 summer olympics" begin? melbourne
in which australian city did the olympics start in the 2000 games? melbourne
in which century was isaac newton's principia mathematica published? 1600s
in which english city will the 2012 summer olympic games take place? london
in which field were georg cantor, ernst zermelo, and paul cohen specialists? - set theory
in which of these years did "the west wing" win an "emmy" for best drama? - 2000 to 2003
in which room of a house would you most likely find a clothes closet? bedroom
in which sport do dogs chase a lure? greyhound racing
in which sport would you perform hydroblading? ice skating
in which theory of light did isaac newton believe? light is a particle
in which tv sitcom did nerys hughes play sandra hutchinson? the liver birds
in which u.k. drama series did amanda burton play dr. beth glover? peak practice
in which u.s. city is the television series mad men set? new york
in which year did ice dancing become an olympic games medal sport? 1976
in women's gymnastics how many events are there? 4
jimmy kimmel often ends his show with an apology to which actor? matt damon
jurassic park is a movie about what? dinosaurs
kaka, the root word of cake, comes from which language? - norse
kate perry's debut album, released in 2001, was listed in what musical genre? christian rock
moroccan leather can be obtained from what animal? - goat
name the biennial golf tournament for professional women golfers? solheim cup
name the school in the u.s. tv series saved by the bell? bayside high school
name the school principal in saved by the bell? mr. belding
name the spin-off series of man about the house? george and mildred
name the title of michael jackson's 7th studio album released in 1987? bad
name the u.k. 1970s daytime soap which was set in the 1930s? the cedar tree
name the world's largest cycling tournament/race? tour de france
of what animal is arachnophobia a fear of? spiders
of what does a carnivore's diet consist? animal flesh
of what new wave band is debbie harry the lead singer? blondie
of which group is bono lead singer? u2
of which group was mick hucknall the lead singer? simply red
of which rock band was jim morrison the lead singer? the doors
on baywatch who played c.j.? pamela anderson
on friends, what was the name of "ross" childhood dog? - chichi
on lost what did jae lee offer sun? pearls
on may 6, 2007, which "english premiership" soccer team surrendered its title? - "chelsea"
on south park what is cartman's favorite food? cheesy poofs
on which artist is don mclean's song vincent based? vincent van gogh
plaid, gingham, stripes, floral and paisley are all examples of  patterns
president george w. bush married laura bush in what year? - 1977
rachel is 12 years old how old is alex if he is 1/2 of rachel's age? 6 years old
ralph fiennes is the first actor to win a "tony award" for what? "playing hamlet"
robbie williams was once a member of what group? - take that
slaves in rome were sent to the colosseum to fight which of these? - gladiators
soccer's 126th "fa challenge cup final" was the first to be held at which stadium? - wembley stadium
spell this historical area? mesopotamia
sylvester stallone provided the voice for what character in the animated film antz? weaver
the 2007 preakness stakes was won by which chestnut stallion? curlin
the animated series bob and margaret was based on which short film? bob's birthday
the barbie doll was first introduced in what year? - 1959
the beatles had which of these hit singles in 1967? penny lane
the beatles have nothing but what eight days a week? love
the cord draped over the frame of a football goal is called what? net
the juice of what green vegetable is most often used in aojiru? kale
the keys on a piano are white and which other colour? black
the membrane in the ear is named for what musical instrument? - drum
the pancreas is found behind which organ? stomach
the son of a king is traditionally called what? - prince
the song change the world was recorded by what band or artist? eric clapton
the u.s.s.r. had what type of government? communist
the very first "world series" in 1903 was won by which baseball team? - boston red sox
the world record ice-fishing catch of a trout in 1987 was...? 8 lbs 4 oz
the young of which of these animals is known as a duckling? mallard
traditionally what colour is a bride's dress? white
until 2008 who has had the most wins at the monaco grand prix? ayrton senna
until 2008 who held the goal scoring record for manchester united? sir bobby charlton
up to april 2008 how many british born astronauts had been in space? five
using different shades of a single color described as what? monochromatic
vietnam won its first "olympic" medal in 2000 in what event? - taekwondo
what "nhl" team did ted nolan coach in 1997? - buffalo sabers
what "sugarbabes" song samples the sting song "shape of my heart"? "shape"
what 1992 animated film features robin williams as the voice of the genie? aladdin
what 2005 film was directed by rocker rob zombie? the devil's rejects
what actress did vince vaughn break up with in 2006? jennifer aniston
what animal has fingerprints very similar to those of humans? koala bears
what animal would you not find living in an african desert? polar bear
what are commonly used to decorate windows? curtains
what are mounds of sand that have been windblown called? dunes
what are sentence fragments? incomplete sentences
what are squirrels thought to bury to store for a winter supply for food? - acorns
what are the holes in a pair of crocs called? ports
what are the three sisters in the television series charmed? witches
what athlete wore #8 for the kansas city chiefs ... morton andersen
what best selling children's book won the "2007 caldecott medal"? - flotsam
what british woman tennis player won the french open in 1976? sue barker
what career had wayne brady already decided to pursue at the age of 16? - military
what causes bubbles to appear in mineral water? carbonation
what character did david hasselhoff portay on the hit series baywatch? mitch
what city did the "calgary flames" once called home? atlanta
what clothing accessory is worn by "kellogg's tony the tiger"? - a scarf
what coin ceased to be legal tender in britain in 1960? farthing
what collective noun is missing from this: a... of kittens? litter
what colour are mosquitoes most attracted to? blue
what colour is most common for the fabric know as denim? blue
what company offers cell phone service? sprint
what company's stock ticker is bid? sotheby's
what country did czar nicholas lead? russia
what country did hockey goalie martin brodeur represent in the 2006 olympics? canada
what country has the kangaroo and emu as national animals? australia
what country has the most people? china
what country is home to the football club olympiacos cfp? greece
what country is the homeland of the danish people? denmark
what country was the rebel pancho villa from? - mexico
what creatures traditionally live in an apiary? bees
what did medieval knights wear into battle to protect themselves from injury? armour
what did my true love send on the tenth day of christmas? 10 lords a leaping
what did the "gutta" golf ball replace? "the featherie"
what did the bolsheviks rename themselves in 1918? communist party
what did the romans use the aqueducts for? supply town with water
what do hibernating animals live off during their deep sleep? layers of fat
what does "who" mean? - contraction of who is
what does 0.6 + 7.49 equal 8.09
what does a ruler measure? length
what does avesco stand for? - australian v8 supercar company
what does replacement cost mean? cost to replace a firm's assets
what does the abbreviation cd stand for? compact disc
what does the green light on a traffic signal mean? go
what does the j stand for in yngwie j. malmsteen? johann
what does the red potion do in the video game "diablo"? - refill life
what does the surfing term "booger" mean? - body boarder
what domesticated animal has breeds known as kerry hill & jacob? sheep
what famous manga-artist worked on the game "dragon quest viii"? akira toriyama
what film did gwyneth paltrow win an oscar for in 1998? shakespeare in love
what forms when water condenses in the earth's atmosphere? clouds
what fraction of the earth does water cover? - three-fourths
what genre is the movie "harland country u.s.a."? - documentary
what geometrical shape does heron's formula concern? - triangle
what gets wetter the more it dries? - a towel
what golfer won five british opens between 1975 and 1983? tom watson
what group sang the hit song get off my cloud? the rolling stones
what group sang the theme song for the friends television show? the rembrandts
what happens to produce plant seeds? fertilization
what ingredient is typically used to make quickbreat rise? - baking powder
what injury caused lindsay davenport to withdraw from "wimbledon" in 2006? - back injury
what is "step one" in the fray's 2006 single "how to save a life"? - you say we need to talk
what is 126 divided by 7? 18
what is 8 squared? 64
what is 8^0? - 1
what is a black widow? spider
what is a feature of a standard monopoly board? community chest
what is a female cat called? a queen
what is a koala? - a marsupial
what is a natural product from the earth's crust that is used to form pottery? clay
what is a quarter in basketball? a segment of a basketball game
what is a type of auto racing performed on oval tracks? dirt track racing
what is a verb? an action word
what is an adult male turkey called? gobbler
what is any two-handed hand plant in snowboarding called? ho ho
what is cheech marin's real name? - richard anthony marin
what is designer prada's first name? miuccia
what is mary poppins occupation in the film of the same name? nanny
what is queen latifah's real name? dana owens
what is single-songwriter bryan adams other occupation? photographer
what is the 26th letter of the english alphabet? z
what is the age difference between tom cruise and katie holmes? 16 years
what is the approximate length of the congo river? - 2900 miles
what is the beaufort scale used to measure? wind intensity
what is the capital city of spain? madrid
what is the correct spelling of this relative? niece
what is the cube of 12? - 1728
what is the device that makes alternating current called? generator
what is the diameter of the on-deck circle in "major league baseball"? - 5 feet
what is the fruit of the coffee plant called? the coffee cherry
what is the highly venomous fer-de-lance? snake
what is the minimum number of lanes in an "olympic" swimming pool? 8
what is the most attended and watched sport in the world? football
what is the name for soft brown coal that has lost all of its moisture? - lignite
what is the name of "daniel"'s wife in the 2007 movie "death at a funeral"? jane
what is the name of both a capital of central america and an island in the bahamas? san salvador
what is the name of comedian eddie murphy's 1980 hit song? party all the time
what is the name of kylie's minogue sister who is also a singer? danni
what is the name of the jungle in "dr seuss' horton hears a who!"? - nool
what is the name of the pub in coronation street? rovers return
what is the name of the ship in the film the poseidon adventure? poseidon
what is the official language of france? french
what is the period at the beginning of a trading session called? the opening
what is the scientific name for growing fruit? - pomology
what is the scientific name for growing fruit? pomology
what is the second stage of incomplete metamorphosis called? - nymph
what is the southernmost point of south america called? - cape horn
what is the stage name of singer alecia beth moore? pink
what is the stage name of singer susan janet ballion? siouxsie sioux
what is the symbol for the chemical element tin? sn
what is the total if you add up the numbers 1-100 consecutively (1+2+3+4...)? 5,050
what is the value of 3 to the 4th power? 81
what is the weight of a men's "olympic" discus? 2 kilograms
what is the word to describe the height above sea level of a geographic point? elevation
what is the world's longest running radio soap opera? the archers
what is troy aikman's middle name? - kenneth
what is unique about the pit crews in the game "nascar thunder 2003"? - they make mistakes
what island did james cook discover? hawaii
what kind of bugs is the movie antz about? ants
what kind of stem would an oak tree have? - woody stem
what kind of tail does a shark have? - heterocercal
what mathematical field uses yates' correction for continuity? statistics
what mean's a word or expression used in informal conversation? colloquialism
what means one who engages in business enterprises? entrepreneur
what ne-yo song shared its name with a kelly clarkson hit? - because of you
what new york city street is also known as the avenue of the americas? - sixth avenue
what nickname does the character derek shepherd go by on grey's anatomy? mcdreamy
what nickname is gloria estefan known by? queen of latin pop
what number comes next in the list: 10, 20, 30, 40? 50
what number did michael jordan wear in the "1992 olympics"? - 9
what number do you need to add to 128 to equal 200? 72
what nutrient group gives long-lasting energy? fats
what nutrient group gives long-lasting energy? fats
what nutrient group is sugar in carbohydrates
what part of the maple tree is featured on the canadian flag? leaf
what perfume house produces youth dew? estee lauder
what planet in the solar system was downgraded to a dwarf planet in 2006? pluto
what popular chinese game is played with a set of tiles? - mahjong
what popular mexican dessert is covered with caramel? - flan
what president said "man is still the most extraordinary computer of all" - john f. kennedy
what r&b star was once a roommate of gary levox from rascal flats? jamie foxx
what race is historically run the week after the "indianapolis 500"? - milwaukee
what region is primarily covered in ice? antarctica
what region makes up 75% of russia? - siberia
what school is the setting for the 2007 movie "sydney white"? "southern atlantic university"
what ship's maiden voyage sailed from southampton in april 1912? titanic
what sort of film is most likely to present the facts about a person or event? documentary film
what spanish-speaking nation got its name from its position on the equator? ecuador
what sport contains a bongo slide? kayaking
what sport returned as an event to the "1984 summer olympics"? tennis
what sport returned to the "summer olympics" in 1972? handball
what subject did forest whitaker first enroll at "usc" to study? opera
what term means the territory taken up by the surface? area
what two numbers aren't in a deck of "sorry" cards? 6 and 9
what two superheroes are in the lyrics of "crank that" by soulja boy? - superman and robocop
what type of curtain only covers the bottom half of a window? cafe curtain
what type of music is played in a lift? elevator music
what type of sport normally takes place at pittodrie? football
what u.k. singer had a 1987 u.s. no. 1 with you keep me hanging on? kim wilde
what u.s. state flag includes the british union flag? hawaii
what was andre agassi's career win to loss ratio at "wimbledon"? 46 13
what was andre agassi's middle name? kirk
what was another name for the famous female spy known as "agent h-21"? - mata hari
what was george clooney's character's surname in ocean's eleven? ocean
what was joy behar's occupation at one time? english teacher
what was liam neeson's occupation before he became an actor? forklift operator
what was madonna's first album? - madonna
what was the 1997 film starring the girl group the spice girls called? spice world
what was the era immediately preceding the english restoration? protectorate
what was the family dog's name on "the jetsons"? - astro
what was the first name of sylvester stallone's famous character rambo? john
what was the name of bob marley's backing group? the wailers
what was the name of singer ian dury's backing group? the blockheads
what was the other profession of greek playwright sophocles? - general
what was the title of u.k. band kajagoogoo's only number one hit? too shy
what was the title of u.k. singer craig david's first album? born to do it
what word best describes the base unit of electrical current? ampere
what word complete the title of this bond film: diamonds are...? forever
what word is both a three and an older person? elder
what word is derived from the greek for black bile? melancholy
what word means the scientific study of old age? gerontology
what would be found in a pack of cards? hearts
what year was vietnam divided into north and south? - 1954
when a square is divided into 4 equal parts what fraction is one of the parts? ¼
when are the "12 days of christmas"? - december 26 to january 6
when did the second world war's blitz take place? 1940/1941
when were the first world climate maps charted? - 1869
where can you find independance rock? - casper, wyoming
where did carrie underwood graduated from in 2006? northeastern state university
where did devil's food cake get its name? its dark red color
where did muhammad ali train from the 1970's through his retirement? deer lake, pa
where did the "chicaco bulls" hold their "nba championship" rallies? - grant park
where do the stokes hail from? new york city
where in england was isaac newton when he invented calculus? at home at woolsthrope manor
where is the united nations building? new york city
where was author joseph conrad born? poland
where was golf's british open played in 2004? troon, scotland
where was musician dave matthews born? south africa
where was the band "sublime" originally from? long beach, ca
where was the beatles home town? liverpool
where was the ceremony held to retire patrick ewing's no. 33? madison square gardens
which "atp" tennis event is held every may in dusseldorf, germany? - world team cup
which "in bruges" character says "i hated history, didn't you"? "ray"
which "nfl" star had the higher salary for the 2004 "nfl" season? peyton manning
which "yellowcard" track feature the lyric "lying soaked in sweat tonight"? powder
which 1980 musical drama starred irene cara nad lee curreri? fame
which actor did sarah jessica parker marry in may 1997? matthew broderick
which actor did stunts in the film "kill bill vol. 1"? sho brown
which actor is the son of actress maggie smith? toby stephens
which actor played don corleone in the movie the godfather? marlon brando
which actor played the title character in 2007's "ghost rider"? nicolas cage
which actor was in both forever young and ransom? mel gibson
which actor wrote and starred in rocky? sylvester stallone
which actress starred in the 1968 horror film rosemary's baby? mia farrow
which actress was a cheerleader and homecoming queen in high school? - meryl streep
which actress was married to jude law from 1997 to 2003? sadie frost
which animal can live the longest? clam
which animal does venison come from? deer
which author has written the "sweet valley" series of books? - francine pascal
which awards show did matthew perry host in 2005? "the espy's"
which band had a hit song with the song "glycerine"? "bush"
which band had a u.k. top 20 hit in 1983 with love is a wonderful colour? the icicle works
which band performs the theme song from "south park'? - primus
which band's "clothes off" features "fall out boy"'s patrick stump? - gym class heroes
which band's 2002 debut album was entitled the back room? the editors
which bird species swims very well but cannot fly? penguin
which board member fires contestants in the tv series the apprentice? sir alan sugar
which boxer won the world boxing council super-welterweight title in 2007? floyd mayweather jr
which british actress played alexis carrington in the u.s. 80s soap dynasty? joan collins
which british music executive is a judge on american idol? simon cowell
which celebrity chef is married to tv presenter fern britton? phil vickery
which celebrity couple were married at luttrellstown castle in 1999? posh and becks
which character is from the film thelma & louise? louise elizabeth sawyer
which characteristic is most common in dalmatians? deafness
which children's tv character had a no. 1 hit with can we fix it in 2000? bob the builder
which city is the capital of malawi a small nation in southeast africa? lilongwe
which company was the first to release a four-blade razor? schick
which country became the democratic republic of the congo in 1997? zaire
which country consumes the most seafood? united states
which country did not officially participate in world war ii? - sweden
which country finished second in medals at the 1976 innsbruck winter olympics? east germany
which country is totally surrounded by italy? san marino
which country won the most medals at the "1980 summer olympics"? soviet union
which country's flag does not have a symmetrical pattern? zimbabwe
which creature has no vocal cords? giraffe
which cyclist won the tour de france seven times in a row? lance armstrong
which dad's army actor wrote the play the ghost train? arnold ridley
which dance club tune was a hit for wiley in 2008? wearing my rolex
which dance music act is fronted by nick bracegirdle? chicane
which daytime tv series is presented by fern britton and philip schofield? this morning
which digestive organ sends out the broken-down nutrients out of the body? small intestine
which dragon is a judge on abc's american inventor? peter jones
which egyptian pharaoh encouraged monotheism? akhenaten
which english britpop band was formed by jarvis cocker? pulp
which english new wave band was formed by mike and ali score? a flock of seagulls
which ex-eastenders actress married queen guitarist brian may? anita dobson
which famous musical features a helicopter scene? miss saigon
which female gymnast got a devorce from her parents at the age of 18? dominique moceanu
which female tennis pro received france's rising star award in 1992? mary pierce
which figure was special guest at "churchill browns" at the "2007 kentucky derby"? qween elizabeth ii
which film director is famous for his kaleidoscopic choreography? busby berkeley
which film won the best film oscar in 1997? titanic
which flag does austin powers have painted on his car? the union jack from uk
which former radio 1 dj appears on lunchtime tv show loose women? jackie brambles
which girl group has sara dallin been a member of since the 1980s? bananarama
which gmtv presenter was formerly a professional tennis player? andrew castle
which golf term refers to the clubhouse restaurant? - nineteenth hole
which golfer is known as the great white shark? greg norman
which grey's anatomy character sometimes refers to him/herself as jewish? cristina
which group does king ad-rock perform with? beastie boys
which group had an appetite for destruction in 1987? guns n' roses
which group released their album "all the right reasons" in 2005 - nickelback
which group's music features in the musical mamma mia? abba
which hawaii island is known as the magic isle? maui
which hit tv show featured jennifer aniston? friends
which home and away actress married tennis player lleyton hewitt? bec cartwright
which indie pop band's debut album in 1996 was tigermilk? belle & sebastian
which ingredient is typically used to make a quickbread rise? baking powder
which irish snooker player won the world championship in 1985? dennis taylor
which is a singular possessive word? boss’
which is a singular possessive word? dolphin's
which is a synonym for the word sad? unhappy
which is a variety of cheese? edam
which is not a citrus fruit? apple
which is not a nickname of a singer on the 1996 single wannabe? dopey
which is the first "grand slam" title maria sharapova won? - wimbledon
which is the largest rattlesnake? - eastern diamondback
which is the most acidic citrus fruit? - lime
which island nation does not have a warm and sunny tropical climate? iceland
which italian club did denis law play for in 1961-62? torino fc
which john legend single released in 2005 features kanye west? number one
which king of england had six wives? - king henry viii
which magazine was considered america's first business journal? - fortune
which major company did taylor hicks perform commercials for in 2006? "ford"
which major corporation did joy behar's father work for at one time? coca-cola
which movie tells the story of puyi of china? the last emperor
which nation does not complete in the rugby union six nations championship? spain
which nation was not invited to tennis 2007 world team cup tournament? russia
which nation was not invited to the tennis "2007 world team cup" tournament? russia
which of the following actresses won four best actress oscar's? katharine hepburn
which of the following capitals is not in europe? manila
which of the following ingredients is not commonly used for baking bread? cucumbers
which of the following is a bird? ring-billed gull
which of the following is a fish? lanternfish
which of the following is a model of the earth? a globe
which of the following is an insect? wasp
which of the following is an item of swimwear? bikini
which of the following is magnetic? metal
which of the following is the purpose of cactus spines? - protect the cactus
which of the following office supplies is most likely to be the smallest? a stapler
which of the following sports does not use a net? golf
which of the following was not a member of the group the beatles? roger daltry
which of these after st andrews has hosted the open championship most often? prestwick golf club
which of these animal can last the longest without water? rat
which of these animals can last the longest without water? rat
which of these animals goes through incomplete metamorphosis - grasshopper
which of these animals is a mammal? rabbit
which of these animals is big and furry? bear
which of these animals is considered the most endangered in north america? black-footed ferret
which of these animals is listed first alphabetically? wallaby
which of these animals spends most of its time in the water? hippopotamus
which of these boxers had a streak of 20 unbeaten title bouts? larry holmes
which of these countries is furthest north? canada
which of these events are in an olympic decathlon? shot put
which of these events is part of the traditional track and field decathlon? - 400 meter run
which of these hatch from eggs? indian python
which of these is a breed of dog? doberman
which of these is a chain of comedy clubs in the u.k.? jongleurs
which of these is a deep-sea creature? - angler fish
which of these is a factor that is tested in the scientific method? - variable
which of these is a fish? cod
which of these is a fish? salmon
which of these is a flying stinging insect? yellow jacket
which of these is a form of electronic dance music? rave
which of these is a letter from the greak alphabet? alpha
which of these is a marsupial? kangaroo
which of these is a metaphor? he is a pig
which of these is a song by scots poet robert burns? ae fond kiss
which of these is a style of popular music? easy listening
which of these is a type of beverage? coffee
which of these is a type of skiing? alpine skiing
which of these is a u.s. heavy metal band? twisted sister
which of these is a world famous designer of women's shoes? manolo blahnik
which of these is an award-winning gospel singer? mahalia jackson
which of these is an example of an angiosperm? fruit tree
which of these is an offshore yachting race? fastnet race
which of these is in africa? togo
which of these is in asia? japan
which of these is not a bird of prey? greylag goose
which of these is one of the four cardinal signs of the zodiac? libra
which of these is the longest snake in the world? - reticulated python
which of these living things has been called a "living fossil"? - ginkgo
which of these mean's lawyer who deals with unimportant cases? pettifogger
which of these means to find? discover
which of these mountains is the highest in russia? mount elbrus
which of these played michael steadman in thirtysomething? ken olin
which of these racetracks is not in the "german touring car" series? - east london circuit
which of these scottish football team's home ground is the furthest north? berwick rangers
which of these second world war battles took place in egypt? battle of el alamein
which of these tools will help you find your way if you are lost? compass
which of these types of pollution occurs naturally? volcanic ash
which of these vegetables is not usually green? carrot
which of these vehicles has the most wheels? car
which of these was a hit single for u.s. singer/songwriter tracy chapman? fast car
which of these was a member of 1980s pop group bucks fizz? cheryl baker
which of these was a spin-off from the tv series man about the house? robin's nest
which of these was a well-know dog trainer and tv personality? barbara woodhouse
which of these would be listed first alphabetically? archbishop
which of these would be listed first alphabetically? boar
which of these would be listed first alphabetically? sailor
which of these would practice medicine on animals? veterinarian
which one of these musicians is a reggae superstar? bob marley
which pair of the following "nfl" players are brothers? peter and michael boulware
which play by anton chekhov features madame ranevskaya? the cherry orchard
which player as of 2008 holds the appearance record for liverpool? ian callaghan
which pop singer attended zach braff's bar mitzvah in 1988? - lauryn hill
which post-punk band was founded by edwyn collins? orange juice
which punk band had a hit single with hersham boys? sham 69
which rap singer's real name is curtis james jackson iii? 50 cent
which rapper/actor appears in law and order: special victims unit? ice t
which rock bands was peter gabriel lead singer of from 1967 to 1975? genesis
which roman dictator and consul was also a noted farmer? - cincinnatus
which roman emperor became a supporter of christianity? constantine i
which russian tennis player was the first victor on day 1 of the "2007 french open"? - marat safin
which shoe manufacturer's logo is a tree? timberland
which singer appeared in the tv series ally mcbeal? vonda shepard
which singer did elvis costello marry in december 2003? diana krall
which singer had a hit single in 1967 with ode to billy joe? bobbie gentry
which sitcom was set in the offices of globelink news? drop the dead donkey
which sixties model was born lesley hornby? twiggy
which species can fly and usually lives in caves? bat
which sport are jayne torvill and christopher dean famous for? ice skating
which sport is martina hingis famous for? tennis
which star is closest to earth? sun
which state is knows as the "tall corn state"? iowa
which superstar was the nba rookie of the year in 1984-85? michael jordan
which team made the video "the super bowl shuffle"? - "chicago bears" in 1985
which television team quiz is hosted by dermot murnaghan? eggheads
which tennis event requires one man and one women to be a team? mixed doubles
which tennis player won 79 doubles titles with martina navratilova? pam shriver
which tennis player won over 50 men's doubles titles with john mcenroe? peter fleming
which tennis term is defined as an overhead shot that is hit very hard? smash
which term means having two eyes facing forward? binocular vision
which tv sitcom starred martin jarvis and diane keen? rings on their fingers
which two cricketers also played competitive hockey? booth and laughlin
which type of lively music and dance comes from the dominican republic? merengue
which u.s. actress gave birth to honor marie warren in june 2008? jessica alba
which u.s. president appears on the u.s. five-thousand dollar bill? - james madison
which u.s. state produces the most ice cream? california
which video by "the white stripes" featured lyrics as spanish subtitles? "icky thump"
which was not a "muppet" movie? "the muppets on mars"
which was the first city to host the "summer olympics" twice? paris
which word describes a feeling? sad
which word does not belong with the others? hand
which word is a gerund? travelling
which word is an adjective? blue
which world-famous group has a member called the edge? u2
which yankees player was jorge posada's best man in his wedding? derek jeter
who are the three villans in the 2007 sequel "spiderman 3" - "sandman", "new goblin", "venom"
who at the start of 2008 was the queen of canada? elizabeth ii
who became the u.k. first female home secretary in june 2007? jacqui smith
who broke his knee during the floor exercise at the 1976 summer olympics? shun fujimoto
who calls himself the king of pop? michael jackson
who captained europe to victory in the 2006 ryder cup? ian woosnam
who celebrated his 90th birthday on 18 july 2008? nelson mandela
who co-starred with owen wilson in the 2002 film i spy? eddie murphy
who co-starred with will smith in the 1997 film men in black? tommy lee jones
who dangled from a high-rise clock in the 1923 film safety last? harold lloyd
who did dwyane wade marry in february 2002? - highschool sweetheart
who did maria sharapova lose to in the "french open" in 2006? dinara safina
who did the "los angeles lakers" receive kwame brown from in a 2005 trade? "washington wizards"
who directed the 1992 western, "unforgiven"? clint eastwood
who directed the 1998 thriller "the big lebowski"? joel coen
who discovered the strait of magellan? magellan
who gave spain claim to florida by exploring st. augustine? juan ponce de leon
who had a hit in 1990 with i still haven't found what i'm looking for? the chimes
who had a hit remix single in 1997 with it's like that? run dmc vs. jason nevins
who had a no. 1 hit in 2008 with singin in the rain? mint royale
who has been named golf's european tour player of the year at least 4 different times? colin montgomerie
who has been the female presenter of big brother since 2000? davina mccall
who in the 1980s won consecutive british open championship? tom watson
who invented the disposable-blade safety razor? king camp gillette
who is performing in the 2005 "how the west was one" tour? - snoop dogg
who is the antagonist in the game metal gear solid liquid snake
who is the creator of the tv series buffy the vampire slayer? joss whedon
who is the daughter of scottish playwright sharman macdonald? keira knightley
who is the first person to break 7 seconds in the female 60 meters? - merlene ottey
who is the lead singer of "weezer"? - rivers cuomo
who is the lead singer of the rolling stones? mick jagger
who is the lead singer of u.k. pop/rock band duran duran? simon le bon
who is the star of the tv series dexter? michael c. hall
who married coleen mcloughlin in june 2008? wayne rooney
who officially declared as open the "like placid winter olympics"? walter mondale
who performed a duet with gwen stefani on let me blow ya mind? eve
who played albert steptoe in the u.k. sitcom steptoe and son? wilfrid brambell
who played helen in the first 3 series of all creatures great and small? carol drinkwater
who played paul's grandfather in the film a hard day's night? wilfred brambell
who played president idi amin in the the last king of scotland (2006)? forest whitaker
who played the role of roxie hart in the 2002 musical film chicago? renée zellweger
who plays amy on the hit show judging amy? amy brenneman
who plays dci tom barnaby in the tv detective series midsomer murders? john nettles
who plays the role of don draper in the u.s. television series mad men? jon hamm
who plays the role of dr greg house in the u.s. tv series house? hugh laurie
who plays the role of peter boyd in the bbc series waking the dead? trevor eve
who presented food and drink on bbc2 for 18 years? jilly goolden
who presented the british game show beat the star? vernon kay
who presented the first series of i'm celebrity ... get me out of here? ant & dec
who recorded ain't no mountain high enough with marvin gaye? tammi terrell
who recorded the christmas hit stop the cavalry? jona lewie
who released the album songs in the key of live in 1976? stevie wonder
who starred in the shootist the cowboys & the undefeated? john wayne
who starred with ashton kutcher in "just married"? brittany murphy
who until his death was the lead singer of the rock group queen? freddie mercury
who visited "south park" to present "eric cartman" with a writing award? kathie lee gifford
who was a legendary women's gymnastics coach in the 1980s? - bela karolyi
who was bud abbot's comedy partner in films of the 1940s/50s? lou costello
who was damon hill driving for when he won his f1 world championship? williams
who was engaged to actor emilio estevez for 3 years in the 1980s? demi moore
who was hitler's propaganda minister from 1933 to 1945? dr. joseph goebbels
who was manager of west bromwich albion at the end of season 2007/08? tony mowbray
who was named best actress at the 2000 academy awards? julia roberts
who was named nba championship series mvp in the 2001-02 season? shaquille o'neal
who was serial killer married to gail platt in coronation street? richard hillman
who was the first african american to win the nobel peace prize? ralph bunche
who was the first man to win two consecutive "olympic" 1,500 meter gold medals? - sebastian coe
who was the lead actress in the 1997 movie titanic? kate winslet
who was the lead singer of the talking heads? david byrne
who was the u.s. president on the 1st january 1900? william mckinley
who was the victoria plum named after? queen victoria
who was the winner of the sixth season of "american idol", in 2007? - jordin sparks
who won back-to-back swimming titles at the 1992 and 1996 olympics? kieren perkins
who won series 1 of i'm celebrity... get me out of here in 2002? tony blackburn
who won series 2 of i'm celebrity... get me out of here in 2003? phil tufnell
who won series 4 of the tv series the apprentice in 2008? lee mcqueen
who won the 2004 tour de france? lance armstrong
who won the eight series of big brother in 2007? brian belo
who won the eurovision song contest for u.k. with making your mind up? bucks fizz
who won the fifth series of big brother in 2004? nadia almada
who won the final of the tv series the x factor in 2005? shayne ward
who won the first monday night football game? cleveland browns
who won the first series of american idol in 2002? kelly clarkson
who won the first series of big brother in 2000? craig phillips
who won the fourth series of big brother in 2003? cameron stout
who won the seventh series of big brother in 2006? pete bennett
who wore a black versace dress with gold safety pins to a film premiere? elizabeth hurley
who wrote "pippi longstocking"? astrid lindgren
who wrote all along the watchtower one of jimi hendrix's biggest hits? bob dylan
who wrote chaka khan's number one hit i feel for you released in 1984? prince
who wrote confessions of an heiress: a tongue-in-chic peek behind the pose? paris hilton
who wrote the famous five & secret seven stories? enid blyton
who wrote the infamous book "the elements"? - euclid
who wrote the series of books the sleepover club? rose impey
who, at 16 years old, made the cover of "sports illustrated"? gary nicklaus
whom did alec guinness portray in the film lawrence of arabia? prince faisal
whom did kevin federline marry on september 18 2004? britney spears
whom did nicholas cage marry in 2002? lisa marie presley
whom did r. kelly marry in 1994? aaliyah
whose calculation of the size of the earth's diameter was nearly exact? - eratosthenes
whose international hit single was centerfold? j. geils band
whose music video did friends star courtney cox appear in? bruce springsteen
why did "charles farmer" leave "nasa" in "the astronaut farmer"? - to save his farm
why was michael scofield sent to prison on the tv show prison break? bank robbery
with which sport do you associate lester piggott? horse racing
with whom did john lloyd win the mixed doubles twice at wimbledon? wendy turnbull
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