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Setup and Configure Microsoft Exchange 2013 Part 1

Microsoft decided to change the way to configure Exchange from previous versions.  We will be configuring exchange through a web interface, no more exchange management console.  After you install exchange, you will only have the exchange toolbox and the management shell.  Through this guide, we will configure a simple exchange server.

First.  Insert the DVD or ISO and launch the setup.exe, this will launch the setup wizard.
The wizard will do some Readiness Checks, if you get a pending reboot, you will need to restart the server.  At the same time, you should check other requirements that need to be done, such as the Unified Communication Runtime.
After the reboot, if you need the Unified Communication Runtime, you can download it from the Microsoft website at  When you install it, you may get a warning to install the Media Foundation unless it is already installed, so the next section will go through installing the feature.
Go to the Server Manager and click on Manage then Add Roles and Features.
In the select features screen, look for the Media Foundation and select it
After the Media Foundation is installed, you may have to reboot the system once again, then run the Unified Manager install again, it should not fail again.
Once the Unified Communication is installed, you can install your Filter Packs 2.0 and SP1 at this time, you can download them from here:
and SP1 from here:
Now if you start the setup for the Exchange, you should only get a couple of warnings, and you should be able to continue with the install.  After the next screen, it will install Exchange
Now that Exchange is installed, you will only have the Exchange Toolbox and Exchange Management Shell.  This does not give you the gui (Exchange Management Console) as the previous versions.
This is the end of Part 1
Once Part 2 is complete, I will link it here
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