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Setup and Configure Microsoft Exchange 2013 Part 2

To configure your Exchange server, open up Internet Explorer, and go to https://server/ecp
Log into a domain administrator account.
When you first log into the Exchange Admin Center, you be prompted with the language and timezone, select and click on Save.
First we will register the Exchange Server, click on the Servers in the left hand column.
Now click on the "Enter Product Key" on the left side.
Enter a valid product key and click on save.
Instead of restarting the server, you can start the Services.msc
Restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service
Now refresh your Internet Explorer, you may have to re-login to the server,  Your server should now be licensed.
Now we have to start configuring the server, first we go to Servers, then databases.  Edit the Mailbox Database.
Go down to limits, and make the necessary changes if needed, I have left it to the default values.
Now to the client settings, we will add an Offline address book.  Click on Browse.
Select the Default Offline Address Book.
Now, under recipients, go to mailboxes, and click on the + to create a new account.
We will create a new user called user, and using a test account.
You may get this error, if you do, update your exchange server to at least R6 to remove this error.
Select a mailbox database for the account.
Now, we will setup some accepted domains.  The default domain will be the domain that you are currently in, you can add more as you see fit.  Currently we are accepting anything that is, I will show you how to add more.  Click on the plus to start the new accepted domain wizard.
In the wizard, name is the descriptive name, the accepted domain is the address that is accepted and select Authoritative domain.
Now that we created a new authoritative domain, we will edit the default email address policy.  This will have everyone sending as the address specified.  To edit the default policy, click on the pen, this will start the wizard.
In the email address format, click on the plus to add the new domain that was created.
Select the new domain name that you have created in the accepted domain.  Select the e-mail address format, I usually select  If you want to set this as the default send address, select the "make this format the reply email address".
You will see your new entry, save and continue.
Once you have saved your policy, you will have to apply it, on the right-hand side, you will see Not Applied, you will have to click on Apply below it.
Now to add the send connector.  Click on the + to add a new connector.
This will open up the wizard, the name should be descriptive.
In the next page, select Mx record associated with recipient domain, unless you have a smart host.  I have a smart host, so I will go through the configuration, so select Route mail through smart hosts.  Click on the + add a name then edit the entry.
Set the basic authentication (if needed)
In the next page, set the address space to * as the domain, so this will send to all through this smart connector and the cost is 1.
On the next page, select your server, if it hasn't been already selected, and click on Finish.
If you need to change the port of your send connector, start the Exchange Powershell and type up the following lines.

Get-SendConnector | select name,port
                              (this will show you the send connector and port, then to modify it)
Set-SendConnector "default" -port 587
                              (this command will change the port to 587)
You can either reboot your exchange server, or just restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport, this will apply the changes.
Currently you will be able to send and receive e-mail from your exchange server.  There is more settings that will need to be changed in your environment.
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