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Registry keys to help you out

My registry keys are always available free for personal use, you can donate if you want to.  However, it is recommended to donate if you are using it for commercial use.
These are some Registry keys to help you or fix up some issues that may arise.

Note:  Always remember to back up your registry before modifying it.

These next two keys are to fix up the DPI settings in Windows 7 when the text does not fix the window that it is in.  Keep in mind, that I usually reboot after these keys are applied.  You will have to test them out to see which one is better for you.  These keys modify the DPI and required fonts for the sizes.

Small DPI fix

Medium DPI fix

Currently there is no Large DPI fix

Bypassing WSUS
This key will allow you to check for updates from the Microsoft instead of a WSUS Server.  This will not replace the existing WSUS settings, this only gives you the option to manually check for updates from Microsoft.  This will not break WSUS and it will continue to function as normal.

Bypass WSUS
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