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DD-WRT Guides

DD-WRT is custom firmware that is installed on "home routers" to become "enterprise class routers".  You can find if your router is supported and how to install it by going to the DD-WRT Website.  Be careful on installing the custom firmware, since you can end up breaking your router and may not be able to recover it.
Installing the DD-WRT custom firmware
This guide is to help you install the DD-WRT custom firmware on your home router to enable enterprise class functions.
Here are some guides to help you manage some advanced settings.
WDS "Wireless Distributed System"
This guide is to help you start a Wireless Distributed System using 2 or more wireless routers with the DD-WRT custom firmware.  This is used to expand your wireless network where your signal is weak, because of building composition or equipment disrupting the wireless signal.
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