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June 29th 2018

I have added the game TV Show King questions and answers.  I don't have a complete list, but it is about 600 and some questions.  You can access it here.

December 31st 2017

As to increase security, I have moved my website to another server and added a redirect from http to https and have changed my SSL certificate to accommodate Google Chrome certificate errors and script errors.  I will amalgamate both review website and this one in the following couple of days.

February 16th 2017

I apologize for my server went offline because of hardware issues, a failed power supply caused a failure.  Since I have a new power supply, the server is back online.

Jan 28th 2016

Happy New Year, sorry that I haven't been updating my website, with everything going on in my life at the moment.  However I am planning on updating my website with more guides over the next year.  I hope you enjoy them.

March 29th 2015

I finally separated my reviews to another site, you can visit it at this location  Take a look and let me know if there needs some improvement.

Happy New Year 2015.

I will be slowing down on my guides for some studying, I need to pass my next exam, but I will still continue to create them.  One thing I did want to mention, is that I believe that there will be an increase of activity.  Meaning that there will be an increase of new viruses, Malware, Ransomware and hacking.  Please be cautious when opening up e-mails, surfing the internet, and make sure your computer is protected with an Antivirus, Firewall and is updated with the latest operating system patches.  This protection is not only your pc, but also your smart phone and tablet.  I believe that there will be an increase of phone calls, they seem pretty brave to call your house and ask you questions.

Well Have a happy new year and stay safe.

Apperently, I have missed some configuration when moving my domain into new servers.  All the updates to my website in the last 2-3 months have not been syncing.  This has been fixed, so all the updates have been copied over.  Enjoy.

Security Alert (new addon)

I have been receiving e-mails about facebook "Your unread messages will be deleted soon".  Just delete this e-mail, it is junk mail, also been receiving e-mails about Starbucks "Enjoy your Starbucks Card eGift", you can delete this e-mail also.

Be warned that there have been calls to your house about Microsoft tech finding errors on your computer, it is just a scam, just hang up on them.  There also have been calls about a person claiming to be your grandson "or other family member", after a few minutes, this person will be asking you to send some money, just hang up on them.

For current info click on this "Security Alert" link or above.

October 10th 2014
- I have added a security alerts to my website so I that I can help you protect yourself online and offline.
August 4th 2014
- The old site has now been shut down, everything has been transfered.
July 1st 2014
- Happy Canada Day
- is now live as of this morning, you can still access the old site by going to
- I will be converting the rest of the information soon, and keeping creating more guides.
June 1st 2014
- McG Computers is getting a new facelift
- Now changed the DNS name to
- Now with Advertisements

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